Text-IE Inc. is developing Text-Analytics technologies and middleware for facilitating the development of applications in the area of unstructured data - access, retrieval, categorization, extraction and mining, as well as a wide range of knowledge management applications.

Most of the information corporations need to deal with today is in the form of unstructured text - newspaper articles, reports, email messages, internet activity (blogs, chats, tweets). Our goal is to help you deal with this huge amount of unstructured data as if it was organized in a database with a known schema -- locate, organize, access, analyze and synthesize unstructured data. This entails handling both Content (content driven access and analysis) and Network aspects -- who connects with whom) and results in transforming raw data into useful and understandable information & integrating it with existing resources.


Technology Description

Text-IE owns some of the best Information Extraction and Natural Language Processing tools developed at the University of Illinois by Text-IE's founder, Prof. Dan Roth and is focused in two directions:

1. Customizing applications dealing with unstructured data

The company customizes its set of tools and develops applications that involve categorization of textual data, entity extraction and resolution, analysis of unstructured data at multiple levels, event recognition and classification, sentiment analysis and text mining.

2. Middleware

The company develops a middleware software layer that supports application programmers dealing with unstructured data and provides them with easier ways to build advanced information extraction and Data Analytics applications.


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